May 30, 2014
Rethink – edited by Natalie Cunnigham

A happy announcement: I am now a published author after contributing a chapter to this book. My chapter covers narrative approaches to coaching.

The book is called Rethink: Growth and Learning through Coaching and Organisational Development. The editor is Natalie Cunningham.

There are some amazing chapters on:
  • Complexity approach to Organisational development (Lisa Kimball and Louise van Rhyn)
  • Narrative Approaches to Coaching (Eileen Thayser)
  • Gestalt approach to organisational development and change (Chantelle Wyley)
  • Positive psychology coaching (Linda Gouveia)
  • Social Cognitive Neuroscience and its relevance to organisational practices (Natalie Cunningham)
  • A group coaching approach to learning and development (Alison Reid)
  • Transcending separation: An exploration of integral theory (Tanya Stevens)

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