Narrative Coaching Workshops

Narrative approaches to coaching are about the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our experiences and worlds, and how these stories hold within them our values, our identity and our social and cultural worlds, past and present. Narrative coaching explores our dreams and desires for growth and development, and in the process helps people to access new stories from forgotten values and actions, that are large, open and hopeful, giving us different possibilities to create different futures as we live new storylines.

All of us have dominant narratives, which are stories we have told ourselves and our significant audiences over and over, to the extent that we “become” these stories. The powerful and generative parts of ourselves that contradict these tight dominant stories become ignored, forgotten, and invisible. Our dominant stories can profoundly influence and create our futures, as we live our stories. Our new storylines can create different futures as we access our different parts of our stories.

Narrative coaching allows people to access multiple new storylines, based on rediscovery of their own generative and positive authentic stories, thereby creating the possibility of positive futures.

Join our interactive workshops

Discover more about this fast-growing coaching approach. You will gain an understanding of the roots of narrative, and narrative practices that can be integrated into, and enhance, your coaching approaches.

The ICF (International Coach Federation) usually approves these workshops for 12 CCE’s (Continuing Coach Education Units).

The two-day workshop is facilitated by Eileen Thayser.

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